At EXPRESSIONS you will notice many qualities that are not found in other photographers. I take pride in my photography from beginning to end. A portrait, by definition, should portray. It should go beyond showing just the view of a face to reveal the soul of the person. Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but it takes a special degree of sensitivity to create an image that stirs the emotion of the viewer. This is the goal I have for everyone who sits before my camera – to bring out the inner beauty and personality each of us shares.

The difference between creating a great portrait and a mediocre one goes far beyond using the “right” camera or knowing all the “tricks” to make people smile. The secret is a supreme command of the craft and tools in addition to a strong commitment to excellence in every detail. When I started my business in 1993, I aspired to produce the finest photography I was capable of, without compromise. I have never regretted that decision. Quality does not go out of style. It is more cost efficient and is always appreciated by those who know the difference. You have landed on this page because you have seen and recognized that difference. I want to earn the trust you have placed in me by working with you through out your experience. This personal approach is what will make your photographs unique.


~Donna M. GoodHale, Photographic Artist

Professional Photographers of America, Certified, Master Photographer, Craftsman Photographer

Donna is a Vermont based environmental photographic artist, specializing in wedding and portrait images.   She holds Professional Photographer of America Certified degree as well as Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees.  Donna was 1 of only 100 judges that is qualified to judge as an International Affiliated judge, and has judged as far away as Korea.  

Donna owns Expressions By Donna and is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Photography. She established Expressions in 1993 after working for several photographers across New England.  She has served two terms as President of Vermont Professional Photographers and in 2009 was President of New England Professional Photographers. Donna received VPP President’s Award in 1997, 2002 and 2005 and the PPANE Presidents Award in 2003 for her dedication to professional photography. In 2005, Donna was honored with the National Award in recognition of outstanding service to professional photography. She has been recognized on a national level for her excellence in her portrait and wedding images. Donna’s wedding photography has been featured in New England Bride and has been named ‘Candid Album, Best in Show’ in Vermont as well as Master Court of Honor Wedding Album in New England. In 2011 she was awarded the Best Wedding Album of the year by VPP and had the highest scoring print for PPANE.  In 2012 Donna was awarded the Kodak Elite Award, her image was selected from over 4,000 images. She enjoys free time with family and friends camping and traveling. She resides in Rutland, Vermont with her Super Hero, Brad and their Golden doodles Lola & Lexie and Bella & Buffy the cats.


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